How To Run An Agile Sprint Planning Meeting + Agenda

The Product Owner must also define the acceptance criteria for each user story, which we’ll discuss in further detail below. If you are a ScrumMaster on a team that is delivering development work and utilizing agile methodologies, you should be running a sprint planning meeting. These meetings help set your team up for success because it allows everyone to understand exactly what the goal is for each sprint of work. Project management software, you can turn your final goal into a step-by-step guide.

Why are Sprint planning meetings necessary

You can track the progress toward that milestone in near real-time. If the progress toward the milestone starts to slip, you can adjust what you expect to happen instead of being surprised at the end. After the product owner presents, the team discusses and asks questions about the proposed backlog. The team breaks and then later reconvenes to start outlining how to accomplish the goal and backlog.

Benefits of working in Agile Sprints

Additionally, Sprint Planning should motivate the team and set realistic expectations. It kicks off a sprint, so it occurs on the first day of a new sprint. If applicable, it should occur after the Sprint Review and the Sprint Retrospective from the previous iteration. In Friday, you can automatically gather the information you need from your team without a pre-meeting before the meeting. Asynchronous meetings occur between two or more people, but they don’t have to be present at the exact time or in the same place.

Why are Sprint planning meetings necessary

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The meeting is just as organized but doesn’t require an immediate response. Sprints are not something to do without careful, strategic planning. Because the sprint is so important, poor planning could cause delayed or unmet goals. This one seems like a no brainer, but check out your team members’ availability and identify exactly how much time each person has to focus on the work involved in the next sprint. Team Meetings GuideLearn how the world’s best companies run effective team meetings – featuring insights from Figma, Buffer, Close, Webflow, Shopify, and more. Desktop & Mobile AppsPlan and run productive meetings… wherever you work best.

The best sprint planning meetings blend strategic alignment with tactical planning. They are times for development teams to not only assign work, but also come together around a shared vision for what the work means and how it will impact the business and your customers. When sprint planning is done well, team members leave the meeting feeling motivated and excited about the work ahead. 🎯 The Product Owner must be very clear on the expected customer value for the increment.

After two or three Sprints, you’ll be able to better estimate your team’s velocity . Sprint Planning is the process of laying down the groundwork for the Sprint. And since there are multiple Sprints throughout the lifetime of a single project, Sprint Planning is a recurring meeting, which happens at the start of every Sprint. Each Sprint and each Sprint Planning Meeting starts with a WHAT-Meeting.

The Scrum Framework – 3rd Edition

Alexa Alfonso is a former digital project manager at Crema, a product development agency based out of Kansas City that builds web and mobile apps for industry leaders. She now leads their growth team – helping to manage and organize marketing and sales efforts. Keep in mind that it is a collaborative, team effort to arrive at the outputs you’ll have by the end of a sprint planning meeting.

Get started with sprint planning by using these product management templates. The Scrum Team identifies the required tasks and their estimations. It’s the role of the Scrum Team to decide which and how many sprint planning meeting agenda requirements preselected by the product owner they can confidently deliver in this Sprint. Slack IntegrationCollaborate on meeting agendas, share notes, and exchange feedback – without leaving Slack.

  • The term “sprint planning” has gained popularity across industries and team functions, so it is not limited to scrum teams.
  • Desktop & Mobile AppsPlan and run productive meetings… wherever you work best.
  • If you are a ScrumMaster on a team that is delivering development work and utilizing agile methodologies, you should be running a sprint planning meeting.
  • Make sure the team is aware of current velocity so they can be informed as they select stories to attack over the next sprint.
  • The acceptance criteria should eliminate any ambiguity surrounding a user story, so that the team can move forward with a clear picture of what they’re creating in the upcoming Sprint.

The members of every Scrum Team must have a common knowledge of what “the work is completed” means. The DoD may vary from one Scrum Team to another, but must be consistent within one team. The Sprint Backlog serves the purpose of a highly visible, real-time picture of the work that the Development Team has planned to accomplish, and it belongs only to the Development Team. As such, only the team members have the authority of changing it during a Sprint.

How Do You Run a Sprint Planning Meeting?

The change might include adding new work and/or removing unnecessary elements of the plan, which leads to further re-evaluation and update of the remaining work to be done. Sprint Planning forecasts what will be developed during the Sprint. This is done by the Development Team, which furthermore evaluates and forecasts the functionality to-be-developed. If we want all this to work simultaneously, the entire Scrum Team should understand the work of the Sprint.

Why are Sprint planning meetings necessary

It must be detailed enough to allow the Development Team to understand what the work items are about. You don’t want to waste precious Sprint Planning time splitting work items into a maximum of one per day. Define and follow a backlog refinement process and ensure that Product Backlog items meet your definition of ready. Sprint planning meetings eliminate confusion about the upcoming sprint and replaces it with confidence.

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Otherwise, the development team might choose a set of product backlog items that don’t relate to one another. The result could be unexpected outcomes and a low sense of accomplishment. If every team member focuses on individual goals during a sprint, some goals may be reached and others may not. A sprint planning meeting helps the group focus on one goal, the same goal. Over a specific time, this type of focus gets one primary job done at a time, leaving less of a sprint backlog.

Why are Sprint planning meetings necessary

At the sprint planning session, the team will meet to decide which features are to be addressed during the next development cycle. In this section, you’ll understand how a sprint planning session should be organized and why they’re so crucial to Agile Scrum teams. Beware of productivity setbacks and clear the way to more successful sprints. There are similar steps to creating an asynchronous sprint planning meeting.

Determine velocity

Mike Cohn of Mountain Goat Software, recommends that the product owner have two sprints worth of product backlog to discuss. This is a list of the product backlog items that the team selects and commits to working on during the sprint. It also includes all the necessary tasks required to deliver the work. The great team at Mountain Goat Software has a video course on scrum foundations & explains how the sprint backlog ought to come together during sprint planning. It’s the same for an agile team during its sprint planning meeting.

What’s a Sprint Planning meeting?

In running a sprint planning meeting a product owner can inform the team’s plans for what they work on next. The product owner can provide feedback and direction in terms of priorities and how to weigh value against effort. A product owner can also provide details in the form of user stories for a particular feature. Sprint planning meetings are collaboration meetings design to set the pace and tone of the sprint.

This step is where story points come into play — another reason why it’s helpful to estimate story points through a process called planning poker. Story points are numbers that assign value to the amount of effort that a user story will require. A sprinting plan may appear easy however it’s more complex than you imagine.

Why Teams Can’t Plan Sprints Perfectly

Let us know if you have any questions about Easy Agile TeamRhythm. We highly recommend it to your Scrum project, and our customers recommend the same. This artifact represents the conversation between the Development Team and the Product Owner on the to-do work.

A scrum project sprint consists of a series of activities that sequentially take place after each other. Sign up for a free 30-day trial to discover all you can do with this fully extendable agile development tool. The Scrum Team in collaboration with the Product Owner then defines the Sprint goal. So, how much time should you dedicate to Sprint Planning?

Quality control is an important part of the sprint review. Since everything is reviewed immediately, and on a microscopic level, you can be sure that your product is up to the standards. If the Scrum Team has never worked together before, you can expect the first Sprint Planning meeting to play out a little differently than the subsequent ones. That’s because there’s no performance history to refer back to. The Developers provide their feedback and ask the Product Owner questions.

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