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63% of the percentage of all students in online enrollment. develop education programs for sales reps and manage customer complaints. Visit the Website. Sales managers also plan future sales and estimate the effectiveness of their business’s sales activities. Quick Facts. They could develop customer acquisition plans as well as calculate discount rates and determine sales goals. Type of School : Marketing managers analyze demand for products and find the potential markets for new products and products and.

Public. They also design pricing strategies that will keep them on top of the game. Concentrations available : They work with their the managers of sales, Early childhood education , marketing public relations, including toddler and infant, as well as the development of products to improve the company’s profit margin and market share. child development early intervention, Marketing managers also keep track of market trends and evaluate the competition. and preschool. Information and computer systems managers, Accredited by : also referred to as IT administrators, N/A. establish the IT requirements. Do Distance Learners pay in-state tuition? No. They also set up computers, The online degrees offered by FGC offer alternatives and traditional routes to obtain the Florida teacher’s certification. as well as secure network systems to guard against cyberattacks.

Students who study online follow one of three tracks that include early elementary education, Information systems and computer managers are also responsible for overseeing computer system developers, early childhood education or the educator training institute. software developers, Students who have a bachelor’s degree in non-education fields can take part in the track for educators preparation institute. analysis, Students who have a bachelor’s degree in teaching may enroll on the track for elementary school. or other specialists. The degree, Financial managers are responsible for the company’s investment activities as well as financial decisions. which is 120 credits long, They supervise teams that produce financial reports, includes the opportunity to specialize in preschool education as well as the education of infants and toddlers, and also develop strategies to reach long-term financial objectives. development of children early intervention, Additionally, as well as preschool education. they oversee their legality and accountability of the financial transactions. Candidates must have an associate’s degree from a college that is accredited regionally as well as at least a 2.5 GPA. Managers analyze trends in the market they also suggest financial strategies and oversee budgets. Based on the type of course, The managers of compensation and benefits manage benefit programs like health insurance. applicants might require an interim teaching certificate or a statement of the applicant’s eligibility. They conduct research on benefits and wages to create an offer that is competitive, The FGC Board of Trustees Scholarship offers students at select high schools tuition-free during two consecutive years. control the distribution of benefit information and supervise the department’s budget. The applicants need to submit FAFSA results and two letters of recommendation, Most lucrative careers for those with a bachelor’s degree in Michigan The median salary for Michigan’s career is $132,290. along with a 500-word essay.

Estimated for growth (2020-2030) Management Managers: $132,290 77 10% Marketing managers $141,490 10% Computer and Information Systems Managers 151,150 11% Financial Directors $134,180 17% Compensation and Benefits Managers $125,130 4.4% Santa Fe College. Source: School Information Address Gainesville, BLS. Florida Graduation Rate 59 percent Accreditation yes Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission sentence on Colleges Percent Online enrollment 38% percent of all students who are in online enrollment. Best Online Colleges in Michigan.

Visit the Website. Northern Michigan University. Quick Facts.

The School’s Information Page Marquette, Type of School : Michigan Admission Rate 66 Percent Graduation Rate 48% Accreditation: Public. Yes Higher Learning Commission Percent Online enrollment 25% percent of all students in online enrollment. Concentrations available : Visit Website. N/A. Virtual learners can sign up for professional studies and liberal arts courses offered by the nonprofit university Northern Michigan University. Accredited by : Online learning is a great means to earn recognized degrees while keeping track of the demands of work and other obligations. N/A.

A bachelor’s degree that has 120 credits usually lasts four years. Do Distance Learners pay in-state tuition? No.

Online students can earn master’s degrees in 24 months. The online teaching degree offered by SF provides an easy way to earn a four-year bachelor’s degree in 12 of the public Florida universities. Students finish their studies through live and recorded classes.

Students can complete the 60-credit course in just two years.