Feed Mill

Range of Products

The NHM feed mill produces a complete range of poultry feed, serving the following sectors:

      a) Broiler industry;

      b) Egg production industry.

Chicken Range Broiler

wdt_ID # Protein % Fat % Fiber % Ash % Ca % P % Na
1 (min) (min) (max) (max) (min) (min) (min)
2 Start 22 4,9 3,3 5,7 0,90 0,57 0,20
3 Growth 19 5,2 3,1 4,9 0,78 0,47 0,18
4 Final 18 4,9 3,0 4,3 0,65 0,40 0,26

Egg Production Range

wdt_ID # Protein % Fat % Fiber % Ash % Ca % P % Na
1 (min) (min) (max) (max) (min) (min) (min)
2 Start 20 4,7 3,9 2,9 1,0 0,7 0,18
3 Growth 19 5,1 4,0 2,9 0,9 0,7 0,18
4 Posture 17 5,1 4,0 2,7 2,5 0,8 0,17
7 Layers 16 4,8 3,6 2,5 4,0 0,5 0,16

Other Feed

NHM feed plant specializing in poultry feed manufacturing.

Due to the specific requirements required for poultry feed, we only mix feed for poultry in our feed plant. We don’t make other species.



Through NIR analysis, all raw materials that arrive at our factory are tested in our fully equipped laboratory. From these results, all feed formulations are regularly reformulated according to the available ingredients and within the specifications required for all different feeds, according to the needs of the poultry industry.

Final Feed:

Each cycle of feed batches is analyzed by the NIR. This ensures that all mixed feeds are within the specifications required for the different types of birds we are mixing. All the raw materials and final feed samples analyzed are documented in a certificate of analysis system.

These samples are stored and protected for a period of 3 months. In the case of subsequent consultations, regarding the quality of the food, these retained samples are available for further analysis.

Supply chain

At the NHM feed mill, we only use raw materials of the best quality that we can buy at the best price. Our main ingredients for the feed mix are corn, soy oil and bran derivatives from the milling industries.

We believe in supporting local industries and therefore we always like to buy raw materials from local producers. However, we can import of raw materials from other countries. This guarantees raw material stock levels for the production of quality food.

Factory machinery and equipment

The NHM plant consists of machines with a capacity of 20 tons per hour of mixing and 5 tons per hour of pelletizing.

The extruder capacity of 1 ton / hour allows the processing of total fat soy from locally supplied soy beans to be cooked for use in poultry feed.

When operating the feed mill at full capacity, 80 tonnes of pelleted feed and 50 tonnes of feed for kneaded products can be produced daily.

Distribution and Availability

The full range of poultry feed is available at our main stores in and around Nampula.

We also distribute feed through a network of agents and established by the marketing and sales department.

Chicken and layer feeds are always available and in stock at these stores.

People and Skills

The NHM feed mill is operated by trained and qualified operators. Operators of pellet presses and boilers are specifically trained and qualified to operate these machines safely at all times.

We believe in a clean and healthy environment in which our employees need to work. All of our employees are equipped to work in a clean and safe environment.

We believe in developing people’s skills and, if anyone who shows an interest and training capacity in which we can accommodate him, we offer the opportunity at the feed mill, if it arises.

Under supervision, we also offer the opportunity for universities and colleges to send their students to our feed mill. Here they gain practical experience to expand their scope of experience in the animal feed industry. We believe that we add valuable experience in developing your skills to reach your full potential and then add the most valuable services to the industry in the future, for the remainder of your own careers.