Broiler feed

The first week of life is crucial for the further development of your broilers. Novos Horizontes is producing the starter feed. This higly digestible complete starter feed (pellets) is used in almost all the countries. In some countries it is even called ‘magic feed’, and with a reason.

Novos Horizontes feed is a highly nutritious 2.2 mm pellet starter for broilers, with powerful innovative but purely natural characteristics to stimulate the bird’s strong early development. The starter feed is easy to eat and digest for the chicks, assuring a vigorous start to their growth.

Day-old chicks are fond of Novos Horizontes starter feed, and they will eat it from the moment they have arrived at your farm.

With our products you can achieve an excellent feed conversion ratio, low mortality rates and results that meet or even exceed the technical target results of the breeding companies. Besides tailored nutritional products for broilers.


The integrated project started in 2007 and aims at the development of families in their ability to influence social (marriage and homes), economic (productive and generous families) and spiritual (closer to the kingdom of God) changes.

Most families have chicken houses in their backyards and encourage chicken farming.In this process, NHM provides one (1) day old chicks, medicines, vaccines and technicians, trained and qualified in the area, in order to provide the necessary assistance to the breeding process.

We currently have 151 families in the program, of which 115 have their own infrastructure and the remaining 36 use NHM infrastructure, all families are residents of the Rapale district and our expectation is to have stable families in the social and financial sphere , so that they can put their children to study, and ensure health care and improved and decent housing.