This is an essential department for the production chain, as it represents the beginning of the routine cycle of the chicken production process.

Located in Nampula, in the Namicopo neighborhood and in Rapale, it is characterized by a tropical climate, but dominated by strong winds near the end and beginning of the year and cold most of the year (except in the summer – from September to December) because it is located on an open channel between local mountains.

The department has 80 workers, all of them of Mozambican and northern origin, most from the same country. It creates an average of 120,000 male and female birds, of which about 40,000 are growing and the remaining 68,000 are in production.

In normal processes, it currently produces an average of 300,000 eggs per week. The Ross 308 breed from Zambia is currently used on one farm and the Cobb breed from Zimbabwe on the other.

Most of the workers are locals who, for reasons of opportunity and within the scope of Social Responsibility, the company prefers that they are part of it.

Composed of 22 bird houses, each of them, there is a main leader and his two supervisors (one to pave the production and the other for the cultivation of birds); therefore, each supervisor divided their homes. And each house has a leader (usually called head of the house), responsible for the care from the first days of the birds’ lives until their production and disposal in the market, but this is accompanied by an assistant.