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Novos Horizontes Moçambique LDA (NHM) is an integrated chicken company created in 2005, near the city of Nampula, in the north of Mozambique. From the beginning, NHM sought to synergize the strengths of commercial production and the family sector, drawing on the years of experience of its founder Andrew David Cunningham working on this in Zimbabwe.

As can be seen in the vision and mission statement, NHM cares deeply about the communities in which it operates and wants people to prosper.

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Our Core Values


In search of determination without being overcome by obstacles with willpower capable of fighting for a valuable purpose in life.


We need to be people who take our word for it and keep our promises to create trust in our families and colleagues.


Asking questions about a certain reality and seeking appropriate answers with an ability to adapt to new situations.


In teamwork, the clarity of words, systems and actions avoids conflicts and increases motivation and continuous improvement.


It is a practical response to serve and use the abilities and suggestions of others for a certain purpose.

Our Business

This is an essential department for the production chain, as it represents the beginning of the routine cycle of the chicken production process. Located in Nampula, in the Namicopo neighborhood…

The hatchery is a place where chicken eggs are hatched under artificial conditions. This is a multi-billion dollar industry, with high production systems used to maximize the size of birds or eggs…

The first week of life is crucial for the further development of your broilers. Novos Horizontes is producing the starter feed. This higly digestible complete starter feed (pellets) is used in almost…

NHM feed plant specializing in poultry feed manufacturing. Produces a complete range of poultry feed, serving the following sectors: a) Broiler industry, b) Egg production industry…

The Slaughterhouse Department aims to process chicken to provide all social strata with the best quality in the Southern African region. With a major focus on exporting to other African countries in general…

Wunnawa Academy

Wunnawa Academy is an Agro-business school dedicated to developing your knowledge, your business, and your success through training for each business model connected with Novos Horizontes.
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Without water there is no life!

Novos Horizontes, through its executive board, promotes a water supply initiative for the population of the Namicopo neighborhood, where […]



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